Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk - Living water 2010"

Director: Kaloyan Nikolov

Date: 5 - 15 August 2010

Place: Municipality of Hisar, Bulgaria

The Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk 2010” is held within the scope of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2010” – The World is television. Musical Feasts are held in different European cities and countries during the whole year 2010.
Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2010” comprise fifteen (15) musical festivals and are held under the aegis of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - ЕАFF.
Main event of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2010” is No 1 Festival in Europe for the traditional folklore arts – Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk” in Bulgaria. Every year from 9 000 to 15 000 musicians, singers and dancers take part in it.

Typical feature of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2010” is that all of the performances are recorded with professional audio and television technics and the best of them are repeatedly broadcasted by more than 50 cable televisions in Bulgaria, by the satelite televisions "New Bulgarian Television", "Bulgaria TV" and “Heros TV”, as well as by the World Wide Internet televisions "Euro Folk" at and "Rodina TV" at All this activities realize the main purpose of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2010” – The world is television - to popularize the traditional folk arts through the enormous possibilities of mass media.

Preliminary Program

The festival program includes contests in the following categories:

•    Folklore songs;
•    Folklore dances;
•    Folklore ensembles;
•    Old town songs;
•    Brass and folklore orchestras;
•    Popular and variety songs;
•    in all of the categories there is classifying of young people up to 19 years.

The concerts take place at the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv or on indoor stages if bad weather.
The jury has the right to request for the performance of a part of the notified program, if it exceeds the specified time limits. Nevertheless the participants should be ready, if necessary, to perform the program in its mass.

During the Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk 2010” studio audio recordings and filming of professional video clips of the participants' program will be done free of charge of those performances awarded by the jury or against payment. 

The duration of the program should not exceed 40 minutes.

The made recordings will be broadcasted by 50 Bulgarian cable televisions, by 3 satellite televisions covering the whole Europe, as well as by the World Wide Internet Televisions “Euro Folk” at and “Rodina TV” at .

During the participation of the collective in the championship the organizer could invite it to take part in general events such as Official Opening, Official Closing, defile, cocktail party and others.


Main task of the organizers is to ensure the creative groups an access to the stage, to gather them in a concourse programme aimed at defining the best ones and to popularize the award winners of the fest by broadcasting their art in the European TV air.

The Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk 2010” has been organized by EAFF and other organizations within the scope of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2010” – The World is Television from July 5 to August 15, 2010.
Host of the festival is the Municipality of Hisar, Bulgaria.

Regulation for participation in the Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk 2010"


To enter the contest the participants must be accredited, which is realized under the following conditions:

The organizers from EAFF send a letter and a regulations for participation to the interested collectives.
Those who wish to take part in the Festival must fill-in and sign application forms, in which there is an unambiguous text saying, that the notifier accepts the conditions laid by this regulation.

The collectives that apply for participation must have obtained prestigious awards from other festivals; awards should be notified in the application form. 

The application forms should be sent not later than May 31, 2010.

The participants pay for their participation in the Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk 2010" by the notified prices. The advanced payment is 20% from the total amount for the participation of the group. It is payable up to June 15, 2010.

The price includes staying the night, breakfast, dinner and festival service.

4 star hotel:
 - a room with 2 beds -  45 Euro per a person per day;

3 star hotel:

 - a room with 2 beds - luxe -  35 Euro per a person per day;

 - a room with 2 beds -  30 Euro per a person per day;

 - a room with 3 beds - 25 Euro per a person per day. 

By post, to the address of EAFF, the participants (groups) must send their latest released album or demo recordings of not less than two (2) performances. It is desirable that the application form has an added annotation about the participant and advertising materials – photos. The sent materials are not a subject of return.


The big award “Euro Folk 2010” – Grand Prix "Golden Orpheus" and a diploma for the Balkan Championship of Folklores.
The awards are decided by the jury in accordance with the procedures, set by the members before the opening of the Championship and announced to the entrants on the opening day.

First awards “Golden Orpheus” in the relevant categories and a diploma for the Balkan Championship of Folklore for the relevant category. The champions obtain golden medals, and for the second and third place – silver and bronze medals. At jury’s decision in the single categories could be given additional golden, silver and bronze medals with the relevant diplomas.

The jury awards the best performances with a free of charge shooting and producing of a free video
All of the participants are granted with deeds for laureates, diplomas and object – awards. The awards are granted on a ceremony during "Euro Folk 2010" Musical Feasts - The world is television. 

In jury’s opinion and the producers from Euro Folk Academy the best performers and artistic directors shall be honoured with a Diploma for obtaining the rank Maestro or Maestro Academic.

All award winners get a free of charge copy of the TV product, which consists of their performances, and has been broadcasted in Bulgaria or in Europe.
The participants can order against payment full recordings of their performances, including video clips, CD and DVD. These products have the right to be broadcasted in the relevant country.

Participants do not get paid for their performance.

The deadline for for sending the application forms is May 31, 2010.

The jury consists of 3 people from different countries.

Unambiguous text: The collectives or presenting organizations, if approved by the jury to participate in the Championship, give the organizers the right to be recorded on video and audio, arranged in a program, presenting the fest and broadcasted by a TV channel or in some other way, for which a contract agreement will be signed.

Registration of the participants

The registration is made on the basis of an application form for participation by the collective. After confirming the application form, an advanced payment should be made.

Minimum term for participation is 5 days.

General Conditions

The bank transfers are made via the account of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF:
Reiffeisen Bank – branch Veliko Tarnovo
Bank account (in EURO) IBAN: BG49RZBB91551488861308, BIC: RZBBBGSF

The sender covers all bank fees.

All filled in and signed applications will mean acceptance of the terms laid by the present regulation.
The registration of the participants at their arrival is going to be made in Tourist information center in the center of Hisar town.
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