3 - 17 July 2006
  the Vacational town “Losenetz” and the town of Primorsko, Bulgaria

Director:  Kaloyan Nikolov

The“Euro Folk 2006” Youth Folkloriad will be held within the scope of “Euro Folk 2006” Musical Feasts - The world is television, which is in different European cities and countries from 3 May till 21 October 2006. Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2006” comprise fifteen musical festivals.

Main event of the Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2006” is Festival No 1 in Europe of the traditional folk arts – Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk”. Every year in the Festival participate 15 000 musicians, singers and dancers. Other typical festival of the Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2006” is “Euro Folk – Russian Island 2005” International Festival for Traditional Folk Arts – held in Moscow, Russia.

Typical feature of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2006” is, that all performances are recorded with professional audio and television technics and the best of them will be broadcasted in Europe, as well as on Internet television "Euro Folk" at www.eurofolk.com/tv. All this activities realize the main purpose of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2006” – The world is television to make the traditional folk arts popular through the mass media.


 KROG folk ensemble from the town of Maribor, Slovenia – winner of the “FIRST AWARD” in  “Folk ensemble” category

 Zavlekashi folk ensemble from the town of Pervouralsk, Russia – winner of the “FIRST AWARD” in “Authentic folklore” category

 Promyki folk dance ensemble - Wieliszew, Poland - winner of the “GRAND PRIX” in Youth Folkloriad 2006