2 - 6 June 2022

Director:  Georgi Topuzliyski

Location: Hisarya  (Wikipedia), Hisarya (Map)

The jury of the Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk - Jiva voda 2022" uses the ranking system of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF and the World Association of Folklore Festivals - WAFF. The marks of the ensemble appeared in the competition program are valid for ranking in the World ranking list of folklore.

Participants are ensembles from:   Albania,  Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Bulgaria,  Greece,  Kosovo,  Macedonia,  Montenegro,  Croatia,  Serbia,  Italy,  Romania,  Slovenia,  Turkey and others.

Participants in Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk - Jiva voda 2021" was 100 folklore groups with more thаn - 2 500 participants.


Euro Folk Academy, Municipality of Hissarya and other.
Within the framework of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk".

Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" comprise of forty-five music festivals and are held under the auspices of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF in different European cities. Main event of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" is № 1 Festival in Europe of traditional folk arts - Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk" in Bulgaria. It is yearly attended by 7 000 to 15 000 musicians, singers and dancers.

Typical feature of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" is that all performances are recorded with professional audio and television technics and the best of them are repeatedly broadcasted by more than 50 cable and satellite televisions, as well as by the Television "EuroFolkTV", specialized in the broadcasting of folklore content, at tv.eurofolk.com.

These activities fulfill the main objective of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF for the promotion of traditional folk arts through the enormous potential of the mass media. Preserving the diversity of basic traditional values and the identity of different nationalities is a guarantee for the evolution of all humanity.

Town host - Hissarya, Bulgaria

Hisar Hisarya (the Augusta, Diocletianopolis, Seuthopolis, Aleksiopolis, Toplitsa) has a rich thousand-year history. The favorable climate and mineral waters have attracted people in these places of ancient times. Here is a prehistoric settlement existed even before the V-IV century BC The late Thracian settlement near the mineral springs became part of Odryssae state. Some spas were built medical-religious sanctuaries (nympheum). From this period dates the big Thracian cult facilities near Starosel.

After the conquest of the province of Thrace by the Romans in 46, around mineral springs emerged big Roman city. In 293 the Emperor Diocletian gave him the status of the city and since its beginning with massive retaining walls and construction of new urban solutions. In its preservation and originality defense system and the architecture of the Roman town Diocletianopolis ranks among the top in Europe. In many places the fortress wall reaches a height of 11 meters and the southern fortress gate stands 13 meters archaeological studies state that the fortress was reinforced by 44 towers. In the ancient city has had four major gates.

Preliminary program:

June 02
10.00 - Welcoming of participants in the Tourist Information Centre in Hissarya

11.00 - 19.00 - Competition program. Tours for the free groups.

June 03
10.00 - Welcoming of participants in the Tourist Information Centre in Hissarya
11.00 - 19.00 - Competition program. Tours for the free groups.

19.30 - Official opening ceremony
21.00 - End of the competition program

June 04
11.00 - Beginning of the competition program. Tour for the free groups.

18.00 - Defile / Parad of nations
21.00 - End of the competition program

June 05
11.00 - Beginning of the competition program. Tours for the free groups.
19.00 - Official closing ceremony and announcement of the winners by categories and GRAND PRIX winner
20.00 - End of the program

June 06
Departure of the participants. Tours.
12.00 - Check out of hotels
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To participate in the contest, the participants need accreditation, which is realized under the following conditions:

  • Groups willing to participate in the Championship complete and sign application forms.
  • Collectives applying for participation must have obtained prestigious awards from other festivals, awards to be mentioned in the application.
  • All participants are to make their own travel arrangements to and from Hisarya, Bulgaria and pay their travel expenses. The Organizing Commitiee provides accommodation and cultural program (excursions) by agreement with the participants.
  • A group delegation can include artists and their accompanying party. The number of artists and accopanying people is not limited.
  • During the participation of the team in the Championship, it may be invited by the organizers to take part in joint events – Official opening, Official closing, defile, accompanying concerts, cocktail, master class, competition for traditional breads or others.
    The presence of invited teams in various events is required.

Regulations of the Contest:

Contest system includes the following categories:
A) Groups for folklore songs, authentic folklore; (choirs and choirs with accompaniment)
B) Groups for folklore songs, modern arrangement of folklore music; (choirs and choirs with accompaniment)
C) Folklore dance groups, authentic folklore; (folklore dance groups, ensembles)
D) Folklore dance groups, modern choreography; (folklore dance groups, ensembles)
E) Folklore ensembles  (mixed), authentic folklore; (live vocals, instrumentals and dances)
F) Folklore ensembles (mixed), processed performances; (live vocal, instrumental and dance)
G) Folklore and Classical instrumental groups; (ensembles, orchestras)
H) Folklore groups for recreating customs - replicas; (folklore groups, ensembles)
I) Groups for old urban songs or Classical music. (groups, ensembles)
*i  individual performers and duets by all categories exept E,F,H;
*1  by all categories there is also ranking of children and young people up to 18 years. /in children's and youth groups can participate up to 30% of participants from different age /
*2  by all categories there is ranking adults people over 18 years old.
Formations that can take part in the competition program:
folklore ensembles; vocal and dance groups; choirs; clubs for folk dances; groups for old urban songs; brass bands and folk orchestras; individual performers and duets;
The jury evaluates by the following 3 criteria:
   1. Level of complexity and technique of performance
   2. Vision /costumes, properties, staging, selection of repertoire/
   3. Stage manners /behavior on stage, gestures, contact with the audience, spirit emanation, artistry/
The program duration of the separate groups / participants should not exceed:
- Songs - up to 10 minutes
- Dances - up to 10 minutes
- Ensemble performances – up to 15 minutes
The jury is entitled to reduce the overall assessment for non-compliance of regulations.


The winner of the Grand Prize of "Euro Folk 2022" - Grand Prix "Orpheus", a Gold medal and a Diploma for Absolute Balkan Champion of folklore for 2022 receives also a cash prize of 1,000 leva. The cash prize is provided by the Municipality of Hissarya.
  • At the discretion of the jury Nomination "Orpheus" is awarded, which gives the right for participation in the ranking for the Grand Prix "Orpheus".
  • The champions are awarded with gold medals, while second and third place receive silver and bronze medals. Winners receive certificates for laureates and a diploma for Balkan champion of folklore in the relevant category.
  • In the separate categories may be given additional gold, silver and bronze medals with the relevant diplomas.
  • Jury awards the top performers with a recommendation for participation in European or World Championship of Folklore.
  • All participants receive diplomas and object - prizes.
  • Special Jury Prizes for Authentic costume, Stage costume, Modern processing, Musical accompaniment, Artistic behavior, Soloist and others. The awards are announced at a ceremony during the Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk - Jiva voda".
  • At the discretion of the jury and the producers Euro Folk Academy the prominent art leaders are honored with a Diploma for obtaining the rank Maestro or Maestro Academic. Diplomas are sent to Ministry of Culture of the relevant country or the Mayors of municipalities with a request for handing in appropriate way.

The jury consists of three members. In jury committee may participate only members authorized by EAFF.

Points valid for World ranking list of folklore.

 Championship   Odds  Points for participation

Points by Category

First round

Points by  Grand Prix

 Second round



3 15    1. 150 
2.  75

3.  45

1. 300

2. 150

3. 105

Next - 6т

Registration of the Participants:

Participation fee: (for participants and accompanying persons)
Period 1:   03 - 06 June 
Standart       3* - 3 HB / 3 Half Board/ - 105 Euro
Period 2:  02 - 06 June
Standart      3* - 4 HB / 4 Half Board/ - 140 Euro
On every 25 participants, one is welcome to join in for free.
(paying goes in several month payments till departure time)

The participation fee includes:

  • Accommodation in 1/3 and 1/4 rooms in 2*/3* hotel
  • Half-board (breakfast and dinner-buffet)
  • Free place on every 25-th member /25 +1/
  • Free parking
  • Organization expenses for one category
  • First aid and emergency support will be provided
  • Degrees**, Invitation letter***

The participation fee does not include:

  • Additional day is 35 Euro per person per night
  • Supplement for 1/2 TWIN/ DOUBLE room is 5 Euro per person per night,  for 1/1 - single room is 15 Euro per person per night
  • Supplement for Luxory hotel 4* is 12 Euro per person per night
  • Registration fee in contest in second category is 5 Euro per person, no less than 100 Euro for the group
  • Additional fee for Individual participants and small groups till quartet is 25 Euro
  • Transport, insurance...
Facultative tourist program:
  • Facultative tours (tour of Starosel, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia)
  • For all participants, the municipality offers free tour of the archaeological reserve Diocletianopolis, tour and visit to Thracian cult complex Starosel.
  • Transport from airports:  /Plovdiv - 40 km., Sofia - 180 km., Burgas - 280 km., Varna - 390 km., Istanbul - 450 km./
  • Transportation /organizer can arrange transportation from/ to airport - price depends on the number of people/
  • Horse riding - "Trakietz" Horse sport center
  • Mineral pool beach - open air
  • Mineral heath bath, SPA
Hotels: Astoria**, Phoenix**, Detelina**, Gallery***, Chinar***, or other
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

Next payment - 30% for booking of accomodation on a next stage.
Rest of the payment 70% - 15 days before the beginning of the festival, or upon registration with permission of organizers.

General Conditions:

The registration of the participants will be made upon their arrival at the Tourist Information Centre Hissar.
The competition program and the concerts shall be held at the Summer Amphitheatre and in "Ivan Vazov" Community center in the town of Hissarya.

Unambiguous text: Upon approved participation in the Championship, the collectives or organizations representing them give the Organizer the right performances to be recorded on audio and video, shaped in a program presenting the festival and broadcast on a TV channel or otherwise, for which a contract is signed.

All bank charges are for the account of the sending party.
Participants do not get paid for their performance.
Completed applications for participation will mean acceptance of the conditions laid in this Regulation.