26 - 30 June 2024
  Nessebar, Sunny beach resort, Pomorie, Sveti Vlas

Director:  Kaloyan Nikolov

Location: Nessebar, Sunny beach resort, Pomorie, Sveti Vlas (Wikipedia)


Euro Folk Academy, Event Vacation

With the support of:

Municipality of Nessebar, Municipality of Pomorie

Within the framework of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" under the auspices of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF - ICH Partner of UNESCO
Licence of World Association of Folklore Festivals - WAFF

XVI European Championship of Folklore "Euro folk 2024" is a competitive event which is a part of the Championship system of folklore of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF with the rank of Continental Championship. Championship system of folklore includes local, national, regional, international and continental folk arts championships. The highest and most important event of the Championship system is the World Championship of Folklore "World folk". The hierarchical structure of the Championship system gives the participants the opportunity to rank and move to the next stage of the different ranked championships. The Championship system is a modern form of promotion and preservation of cultural heritage which combines a strong competitive start and a high level of performance of the participants.

The evaluations of the groups participating in the competition programs of the Championship system are valid for ranking in the World ranking list of folklore.

Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" have been held since 2003 in various cities and countries of Europe. Since 2007, they have been under the auspices of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF. Main event of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" is No1 Festival in Europe for the traditional folklore arts - Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk". Every year from 7 000 to 15 000 musicians, singers and dancers take part in it. So far, nearly 200,000 (two hundred thousand) singers, musicians and dancers from all over Bulgaria and from another 30 countries from 4 continents have participated in the Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk". Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" include forty-five music festivals. Typical feature of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" is that all of the performances are recorded with professional audio and television technics and the best of them are repeatedly broadcasted by more than 20 cable televisions in Bulgaria, by the satelite televisions "Rodina TV" and "T.TV.I.", as well as by television "EuroFolkTV" with free Internet access from all over the world. All this activities realize the main purpose of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" - to popularize the traditional folk arts through the enormous possibilities of mass media.

LIVE TV broadcast on the Internet of all concerts on the website of "EurofolkTV": tv.eurofolk.com, YouTube Channel: @TVeurofolk, Facebook: EurofolkTV and EAFForg.

Towns hosts:

Nessebar: Ancient city of Nessebar is in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Nessebar is one of the oldest towns in Europe, established before more than 3200 years. According to data, the legendary author of fables Aesop was born in Mesambria /Nessebar/ around 620 BC. In the ancient part of the town there are 42 churches, built from IV till XVII centuries. The isthmus connecting the old with the new part is 400 m long. In the middle of the isthmus is the old mill of the town, which currently is a tourist attraction. After the Constantinople has fallen, descendants of the Byzantine emperors of dynasties and Kantakuzin and Paleologos are living here on these lands so far.

Sunny beach resort: On the territory of Sunny Beach resort are located more than 200 3***, 4**** and 5***** hotels, and more than 100 amusement facilities, including the largest aquapark in the Balkans - "Action Aquapark". The complex is similiar to Las Vegas with its noisy discos and casinos. This is the most visited destination that attracts many tourists from all over the Europe. Sunny beach is the first Bulgarian resort certified with the "Blue Flag" еco prize. Average monthly temperature in the high tourist season is 25-26 degrees.

Pomorie: Pomorie is the third largest town on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. One of the most interesting cultural sites is the Ancient domed tomb from 2nd - 4th century. Medieval name of the town is Anhealo. The Salt Museum is the only one in Eastern Europe. It was opened in September 2002 and is dedicated to one of the oldest livelihoods in the region of Pomorie - salt production. Visitors have the opportunity to see how all processes run and to experience the traditions of the locals

Sveti Vlas: 10 km away from historical Nessebar. The settlement was founded in the 2nd century by the ancient Thracians. Then it bore the name Larissa, in the 14th century took the name of St. Vlas - patron of traders, farmer and healer. St. Vlas is a revered saint of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. In 2007, the biggest marina in Bulgaria was constructed in Sveti Vlas. The marina has a capacity for 300 yachts. The beach of Sveti Vlas is facing south. The sand is fine and golden.

Participants in the festival:

So far have participated groups from: Europe: Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Turkey; Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia; America: Canada.

Purpose of the festival:

The main task of the organizers is to give creative collectives the opportunity to perform and to include them in a competition program, determining the best of them and to promote them through modern information and television technologies. Providing a platform for cultural exchange where participants can show the rich cultural heritage through the diverse forms of folk art: music, song and dance. Expression of cultural identity. Promoting mutual respect and understanding between different nations and communities. Making new friendships. Preservation and promotion of traditional cultural elements through artistic performances that ensure their transmission from generation to generation.


To participate in the contest, the participants need accreditation, which is realized under the following conditions:
  • The application form must be sent to confirm participation. All filled applications will mean acceptance of the terms laid by the present regulation.
  • A group delegation can include artists and their accompanying party. The number of artists and accompanying people is not limited.
  • Groups, applying for participation, must have obtained prestigious awards from other events from Championship system or other prestigious contests awards to be mentioned in the application.
  • It is recommended that groups for authentic folklore orient themselves to songs, melodies, customs and dances that are characteristic of the settlement and region they are from.
  • Of great benefit will be the careful attitude to the costumes, props and musical accompaniment of the groups, which is of decisive importance for the domestic fidelity of the folk traditions.
  • The group should prepare a 5/ 10/ 15-minute program accompanied by their own orchestra or music on FLASH memory.
  • If a copyrighted work is used, the authors and arrangement must be indicated in the application form for participation.
  • Each group should provide a few photos/ videos with a brief history of the group. These materials will be used for promotional, publication and advertising purposes.
  • Each group should bring a flag of their country and the group if available, a board with the name of their group and country and few gifts for the Municipality visits and organizers or for exchange with the other participants.
  • During the Championship, the organizers can invite the group to take part in common events - Official opening, Official closing, parade, cocktail party, accompanying concerts, master class or others. The presence of invited teams in various events is required.
  • All participants organize their own travel to and from the place of conducting and pay their own travel expenses.
  • All participants need to have the necessary international health insurance.
  • After receiving your application form, a confirmation will be sent to you along with payment instructions.
  • Groups who do not wish to participate in the competition program, but want to experience the euphoria of the festival and decide on future participation in the competition program, can participate under the same conditions.
Formations that can take part in the competition program:
  • vocal groups, folk choirs
  • dance ensembles, dance clubs and schools for folk dances
  • folklore ensembles
  • wind and folk orchestras
  • groups for recreating customs
  • groups for old urban songs
  • individual performers, duet and trio
The duration of the program should not exceed:
  • For individuals - 5 minutes
  • For groups - 10 minutes
  • For ensembles - up to 15 minutes
Contest system includes the following categories:
A) Groups for folklore songs, authentic folklore; (choirs and choirs with accompaniment)
B) Groups for folklore songs, modern arrangement of folklore music; (choirs and choirs with accompaniment)
C) Folklore dance groups, authentic folklore; (folklore dance groups, ensembles)
D) Folklore dance groups, modern choreography; (folklore dance groups, ensembles)
E) Folklore ensembles  (mixed), authentic folklore; (live vocals, instrumentals and dances)
F) Folklore ensembles (mixed), processed performances; (live vocal, instrumental and dance)
G) Folklore and Classical instrumental groups; (ensembles, orchestras)
H) Folklore groups for recreating customs - replicas; (folklore groups, ensembles)

I) Groups for old urban songs or Classical music. (groups, ensembles)

*i  individual performers and duets by all categories except E,F,H;
*1  by all categories there is also ranking of children and young people up to 18 years. /in children's and youth groups can participate up to 30% of participants from different age /
*2  by all categories there is ranking adults people over 18 years old.

The jury evaluates by the following 3 criteria:
   1. Level of complexity and technique of performance
   2. Appearance (costumes, properties, staging, selection of repertoire)
   3. Stage manners (behavior on stage, gestures, contact with the audience, spirit emanation, artistry)

  • The jury committee may participate only members authorized by EAFF.
  • The evaluation system is sixty points, taking the arithmetic mean of the sum of the criteria.
  • The jury is entitled to reduce the overall assessment in case of non-compliance with the regulation.


  • The winner of the Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus", a Gold medal and a Diploma for Absolute European Champion of folklore for 2024 receives also a cash prize of BGN 1,000. 
  • Silver "Orpheus", silver medal and a diploma for the European Vice-Champion of folklore.
  • Bronze "Orpheus", bronze medal and a diploma.
  • Nominations Golden "Orpheus" which gives the right for participation in the ranking for the Grand Prix "Orpheus".
  • Golden, silver and bronze medals and diplomas in the relevant categories.
  • Recommendations for participation in a Championship of a higher rank.
  • All participating groups receive diplomas for participation and subject prizes.
  • The awarding of the winners of the final ranking takes place at a special ceremony after the end of the competition program.
  • At the discretion of the jury and the producers Euro Folk Academy the prominent art leaders are honored with a Diploma for obtaining the rank of Maestro or Maestro Academician. Diplomas are sent to the Ministry of Culture of the relevant country or the Mayors of municipalities with a request for a solemn awarding.
  • All art directors, teachers, choreographers, group and ensemble leaders also receive the Thankful Diplomas of the Championship sent by the relevant Ministry of culture of their country, or Local Municipalities with request for a solemn awarding.

Championship categories are consistent with the categories of the World ranking list of folklore. Collected points standings with odds for a Continental Championship.

Points valid for World ranking list of folklore:



Points for participation

Points by Category

First round

Points by  Grand Prix

 Second round





  1. 200

  2. 100

  3.   60

  1. 400

  2. 200

  3. 140

Next:  - 8 p.

Preliminary program:

26th June  Welcoming of participants, tours, free program, beach
27th June  09:00 - Tours, free program, beach
                    17:00 - Beginning of the competition program - Nessebar
                    19:30 - Official opening
                    21:30 - End of the competition program
28th June  09:00 - Tours, free program, beach
                    17:00 - Beginning of the competition program - Pomorie
                    18:00 - Parade
                    21:30 - End of the competition program
29th June  09:00 - Tours, free program, beach
                    17:00 - Beginning of the competition program - Sveti Vlas
                    21:00 - Official closing ceremony and announcement of the winners and GRAND PRIX
                    21:30 - End of the program
30th June  Departure of the participants

                    12:00 - Check out of hotels

* The organizers reserve the right to change the program of the Championship.

The program of the European Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk 2024"

Participation fee:

Accommodation packages:

  • Basic category hotels: Hotel "Balaton"
    • 108 Euro per person for 3 nights Half board (breakfast and lunch)
    • 144 Euro per person for 4 nights Half board (breakfast and lunch)
    • 180 Euro per person for 5 nights Half board (breakfast and lunch)

  • Advanced category hotels 3*: Hotel "Kokiche", Hotel "Continental"
    • 160 Euro per person for 4 nights Full board (3 meals)
    • 200 Euro per person for 5 nights Full board (3 meals)

  • Advanced category hotels 4*: Hotel "Aquamarine"
    • 216 Euro per person for 4 nights All inclusive
    • 270 Euro per person for 5 nights All inclusive
* In a group of 26 people - 1 person for free (25 paying participants + 1 free of charge).

** 4* Hotel - The price is for accommodation of 4 people in the room. Supplement for accommodation of 3 persons in the room - 5 Euro per person per day. Supplement for accommodation of 2 persons in the room - 10 Euro per person per day. Supplement for accommodation of 1 person in the room - 50% from DBL room per person per day. 

For application forms submitted after 05.02.2024, the price increases by   5 Euro per person per day for accommodation in a 4* hotel.

For application forms submitted after 05.04.2024, the price increases by 10 Euro per person per day for accommodation in a 4* hotel.

***Additional Participation Fee***

  • Festival package 1:
    1. Groups over 10 participants - 30 Euro per person
    2. Small groups up to 10 participants - 35 Euro per person
    3. Individual participants - 60 Euro

    • Participation in the contest
    • Program-book
    • Poster, Branded magnet

  • Festival package 2 - optional - 15 Euro per person:
    • Branded Festival T-shirt
    • Рersonal Branded badge
    • Personal diploma for participation
* Festival Package 1 is mandatory and payable for participants. Accompanying persons do not pay this fee. /Drivers, artistic directors, parents, VIPs and fans./
** Festival package 2 is optional and can also be ordered for accompanying persons.
*** Branded T-shirts are made according to given dimensions. You will receive a size chart when ordering. Festival package 2 must be ordered at least 30 days before the start of the festival.
**** Information about the named diplomas and Branded badges must be submitted up to 30 days before the start of the festival.

Participation fee includes:

  • Accommodation for 3/ 4/ 5 nights in 1/3, 1/4 rooms
  • 3/ 4/ 5 breakfasts - Swedish table
  • 3/ 4/ 5 lunches - Swedish table
  • Live streaming, records, stage, audio equipment

Participation fee does not include:

  • Supplement for double room - 8 Euro per person per day
  • Supplement for single room - 21 Euro per person per day
  • Supplement for aditional day - basic prise 35/ 40/ 54 Euro per person
  • Travel - Personal expenses - Facultative tours (tour of Burgas, Varna, Nessebar, Sozopol, Ropotamo river, Kazanlak, Shipka, Veliko Tarnovo)
  • Inner transport, insurance
  • Transfers from Airports: Burgas - 35 km., Varna - 110 km., Sofia - 410 km., Istanbul - 390 km.
  • What is not specified in the above mentioned "Participation fee includes"

Registration of the participants:

Registration of the participants, receipt of the presentation materials, signing and handing over of contracts and clarifications on the program will be carried out from 10:00 to 16:00 by the person in charge of the group /artistic director/ at the registration office in hotel Balaton, Sunny beach, Bulgaria.

General Conditions:

The sender covers all bank fees.

In case of unforeseen or force majeure circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to make changes. In accordance with the current economic situation, in the event of an increase in prices, the organizers reserve the right to make adjustments.

Unambiguous text: The collectives or presenting organizations, if approved by the jury to participate, give the organizers the right to be recorded on video and audio, arranged in a program, presenting the fest and broadcasted by a TV channel or in some other way, for which a contract agreement will be signed.

Any group, willing to participate, must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.
Next payment 40% for booking of accommodation.
Rest of the sum 50% - 15 days before the beginning of the festival or upon arrival with the permission of organizers.