19 - 22 May 2011
  Rimini, Italy

Director:  Dragan Petkovich

19.05.  – Arrival of ensemble at hotel, accomodation...Info-appointment...Tour and introduction to the most popular summer resort in Italy, walking, swimming, tour of Rimini,  his beautiful sun beaches, the city... Return to hotel. Dinner. Perform of cultural-art societies. Overnight stay.Possibility of departure to some of many discoteques in Rimini.
20.05.  - Breakfast. Facultative half day tour to San Marina, on arrival follows a tour of this oldest republic in the world: monument of Garibaldi, porta san francesco, square of freedom… Return to Rimini.   Dinner.
Perform of cultural-art societies. Receiving of certificates .Facultative: Discoteque. Overnight stay.
21.05. – Breakfast.  Facultative departure of group to Ravenna and tour of the city: mausoleum  of Galla Placidia, basilica San Vitale... Return to Rimini. Dinner. Facultative: mutually– friendly night… Overnight stay.
22.05. – Breakfast. After breakfast departure of ensemble on facultative tour of Bologna, main town in region of Italy Emilia-Romagna. Tour of the centre of the city, historical city…Return to the point of departure.

Price of registration fee is 79 EUROS per person

The arrangment price includes:
-    Hotel accomodation with three stars in Rimini based on 3 half board service: breakfast and dinner

-    Organization expenses
-    Degrees
-    Program leading
-    Professional assistance
-    Inviting letter


     The arrangment price doesn't include:
-    Facultative tours (tour of San Marina ,Ravenna and Bologna, discoteques    – the price of tour depends exclusively on number of interested to some of the tours)
-     insurance  

Note: all ensembles must provide their own music, leading orchestar or music CDs. Each ensemble is obligated to set two performances in duration of 10 minutes.