26 April - 14 May 2013
  Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Director:  Kaloyan Nikolov

Location: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria  (Wikipedia)


LIVE TV broadcast on the Internet of all concerts.

GRAND PRIX "Golden Orpheus", a gold medal and a diploma of ABSOLUTE NATIONAL CHAMPION OF FOLKLORE for 2013.
The Winner of Grand Prix "Golden Orpheus" takes also a money prize of 500 Euro.
First award in the relevant 8 categories and a diploma of NATIONAL CHAMPION OF FOLKLORE for the relevant category. The Champions obtain golden medalsand for the second and third place – silver and bronze medals.
All participants will receive diplomas of laureates, diplomas and prizes.
According to the evaluation of the jury and the producers of EuroFolk Academy, the best performers and art directors shall be honored with a Diploma for obtaining the rank of Maestro or Maestro Academic. Diplomas are awarded through the Ministry of Culture of the relevant country.

REGISTRATION FEE (for participants and accompanying persons)

  5 days - 150 Euro per person
In a group of 25 persons – 1 person for free
09 - 14 may 2013

The BASIC PACKAGES for 5 days include:

• 5  nights, breakfasts and dinners in a standard triple / quadruple room at 3 star hotel
• Official opening with a gala concert - 5 minutes for each
• 2 / 4 public appearances of 20 minutes for the competition program
• LIVE TV broadcast on the Internet of all concerts
• Final concert with Official Closing Ceremony



European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF,
Euro Folk Academy,
Municipality of Velriko Tarnovo and other.
Within the framework of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk 2013".
Main event of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2013” is No 1 Festival in Europe for the traditional folklore arts – Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk” in Bulgaria. Every year from 9 000 to 15 000 musicians, singers and dancers take part in it. The participant in Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk 2013” have the right to take part in the National Championship of Folklore Arts "Euro Folk 2013”.
Worthy of note are also the festivals in St. Petersburg, London, Paris, Rome, Prague, Budapest, Nessebar, Vienna, Ohrid, Krakow, Barcelona and others.
Typical feature of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk" is that all performances are recorded with professional audio and television technics and the best of them are repeatedly broadcasted by more than 50 cable and satellite televisions, as well as by the World Wide Internet Television "TV Eurofolk" at tv.eurofolk.com.
All this activities realize the main purpose of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF to promote traditional folk arts through the enormous possibilities of massmedia. Maintaining the diversity of the main traditional values ​​and identity of different nationalities, guarantees the evolution of humanity.

Town host - Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgarian: Велико Търново) is a city in north central Bulgaria and the administrative centre of Veliko Tarnovo Province. Often referred to as the "City of the Tsars", Veliko Tarnovo is located on the Yantra River and is famous as the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, attracting many tourists with its unique architecture. The old city is situated on three hills, Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta Gora raising amidst the meanders of the Yantra. Tsarevets housed the palaces of the Bulgarian Emperors and the Patriarchate with the Patriarchal Cathedral, as well as a number of administrative and residential edifices surrounded by thick walls. Trapezitsa was known for its many churches and as the main residence of the nobility. In the Middle Ages it was among the main European centres of culture and gave its name to the architecture of the Tarnovo Artistic School, painting of the Tarnovo Artistic School and literature.

Preliminary Program

Conest system includes the following categories:
A) Authentic folkore songs; (choirs and ensembles)
B) Processed folklore songs; classic vocal and modern arrangement (choirs and ensembles)
C) Instrumental performances; folklore music (soloists, duets, orchestras)
D) Processed folklore dances; modern choreography (folklore dance groups, ensembles)
E) Authentic folklore dances; (folklore dance groups, ensembles)
F) Folklore ensemble performances; (live vocal, instrumental and dance)
G) Folklore customs; replica (folklore groups, ensembles)
H) Old urban songs;
*i  individual performers and duets by all categories;
*y  by all categories there is also ranking of children and young people up to 16 years. /in children's and youth groups can participate up to 30% of participants from different age /
During the national Championship of Folklore Arts "Euro Folk 2013” studio audio recordings and filming of professional video clips of the participants' program will be done free of charge of those performances awarded by the jury or against payment. 

The duration of the program should not exceed 20 minutes.


Main task of the organizers is to ensure the creative groups an access to the stage, to gather them in a concourse programme aimed at defining the best ones and to popularize the award winners of the fest by broadcasting their art in Bulgaria and the European TV air.
The National Championship of Folklore Arts "Euro Folk 2013” has been organized by EAFF and other organizations within the scope of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2013” – The World is Television.

To enter the contest the participants must be accredited, which is realized under the following conditions:
Those who wish to take part in the Festival must fill-in and sign application forms, in which there is an unambiguous text saying, that the notifier accepts the conditions laid by this regulation.
The application forms should be sent not later than March 31, 2013.

REGISTRATION FEE (for participants and accompanying persons).

  5 days - 150 Euro per person - 30 Euro / day / person
In a group of 25 persons – 1 person for free

For individual performers and duets have a participation fee, which is 25 Euro.

The participants pay for their participation in the National Championship of Folklore Arts "Euro Folk 2013” by the notified prices. The advanced payment is 20% from the total amount for the participation of the group. It is payable up to March 31,

It is desirable by post or e-mail, to the address of EAFF, to send the last released album of the participant (the group) or demo records of not less than two performances. It is desirable that the application form has an added annotation about the participant and advertising materials – photos. The sent material are not a subject of return.

During the participation of the collective in the championship the organizer could invite it to take part in general events such as Official Opening, Official Closing, cocktail party and others.