5 - 6 June 2010
  the town of Rozhanovce, Slovakia

The Regional Edifying Centre in Kosice, Slovakia prepares this year the 42th annual set of the Folklore Celebration of Abov "Euro Folk – Rozhanovce 2010" which will be held from 5th to 6th of June in the township Rozhanovce. Village Rozhanovce is situated in Slovak Republic about 12 km from Kosice – city which is the second biggest city in Slovakia.

 Last year on the Festival took part six foreign groups – from Greece, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Czech Republic. This year we will host a group from Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Rumania and Latvia. For the foreign groups there was a possibility to register until March, 20.

Besides these groups visitors of our festival will have an amazing opportunity to enjoy performances of more than 300 enthusiastic folklore dancers and musicians from Slovak Republic. Festival is not competitive and it´s aim is to show people that folklore art is not only the history but a very important part of the culture in each European country.

Inseparable component part of the festival will be a ceremonial saint Mass in a Rozhanovce´s church. It ´s beautiful and very interesting because of the active attendance of the folklorists in beautiful colourful costums on the act of the giving off the sacrificial presents.


Visitors of the festival will enjoy also Ceremonial escort during the village Rozhanovce in which will take part all performers. This activity is very popular between all performers but also between visitors and domestic people.


The program of the Festival will be divided into many different parts. After the official beginning visitors will have to possibility to enjoy performances of the youngest artists - winners of different folklore competitions. Next program will consists of interesting demonstrations of singing aptitude. Foreign groups will introduce culture of their countries in a common program block and after their performances there will be possibility for visitors to admire a masterfulness of Slovakian folklore group Hornád with long lasted history. Very popular is also a performance of comical musical group Drišľak which has a lot of fans in Slovak Republic.


Component part of the Folklore Celebration of Abov "Euro Folk – Rozhanovce 2010" are also many performances of foreign groups in different villages near Kosice but also a performance in the centre of the Kosice – city. Three days before the festival there will be also a invitation ceremonial escort and a performance of Slovakian groups in the Kosice – city (in historical centre).