24 - 27 June 2010
  Prague, Czech Republic

Director:  Dragan Petkovic

04 - 07.03. and  25-27.03., the price is 65 euro per person and it includes  3 HB in 4* hotels, degreds, defile

24 - 27.06.2010., 3 hb - 95 euro

All the Festivals are under Association of Folkore of Checz Republic, gooverment in Prague

Prague is one of the most popular cities in Eastern Europe. His attraction is in the 600 years old architecture untouched during the wars. The city center is under the protection of UNESCO. The town built near the river Vltava, has never stopped fascinating visitors, painters, photographers and poets.
The main attraction is the historical part of the city center. There are new and the old part of town, Staré Mesto and Nové Mesto.

Preliminary Program

24rd June  – Arival of ensemble at hotel, room accommodation, and facultative tour of Prague with attendance of professional local guides: walk through main avenue Vaclav…, National museum, then Staromestke namesti (main town square) and view of famous astronomical watch-Orloj. Departure to a famous Prague ghetto-Jew square and visit to Staronov Synagogue. Then departure to Vltava and tour of Carl’s bridge, the Old tower and monument to Carl the IV, National divaldo (theater) and then return to hotel. Diner. Facultative departure to some of the discotheques for social activities and entertainment. Return to hotel. Free activities. Dinner. Swimming in a hotel pool and going out to the hotel’s diskoteque. Overnight stay.

25th June  – After breakfast second facultative tour of city: Hradčany (Prague castle with cathedral of saint Vita and chapel of Saint Venceslava, basilica of Saint George, Loret, Golden street…), arrival at Vltava and Carl’s bridge.
- Facultative departure to Carlstein-castle from XIV century, former residence of Karl IV where crown and crown jewels of Czech kings are kept. Dinner.
Perform of cultural-art societies. Going out to the hotel’s discoteque. Overnight stay.

26th June – Breakfast.   After breakfast facultative whole day tour to Carl’s Vari, the most famous health resort in Czech and one of the most famous health resorts in Europe which was visited by many European rulers, brilliant painters, poets, and other famous people.
Return to Prague. Going back to hotel. Dinner. Going out to hotel’s diskoteque. Overnight stay.

27th June – Breakfast. Facultative ship tour of Vltava. Return to hotel.