27 - 30 May 2010
  Rimini, Italy

Director:  Dragan Petkovic

79 Euro - 3 HB, hotel 3 star

Rimini - Italian tourist resort is one of the largest and most famous coastal centers in Italy. It lies on the shores of the Adriatic Sea at the mouth of the river Marecchia. Today’s Rimini is a modern city, where numerous cultural events are held. But Rimini is also a very old city which grew at the crossroads of ancient trade routes. Many important historical sights stayed preserved. Thanks to tourists the city Rimini becomes a dynamic organism in the season, with plenty of opportunities for fun.


Preliminary Program

27.05.  – Arrival of ensemble at hotel, accomodation...Info-appointment...Tour and introduction to the most popular summer resort in Italy, walking, swimming, tour of Rimini,  his beautiful sun beaches, the city... Return to hotel. Dinner. Perform of cultural-art societies. Overnight stay.Possibility of departure to some of many discoteques in Rimini.

28.05.  – Breakfast. Facultative half day tour to San Marina, on arrival follows a tour of this oldest republic in the world: monument of Garibaldi, porta san francesco, square of freedom… Return to Rimini.   Dinner. Perform of cultural-art societies. Receiving of certificates .Facultative: Discoteque. Overnight stay.

29.05. – Breakfast.  Facultative departure of group to Ravenna and tour of the city: mausoleum  of Galla Placidia, basilica San Vitale... Return to Rimini. Dinner. Facultative: mutually– friendly night… Overnight stay.

30.05. – Breakfast. After breakfast departure of ensemble on facultative tour of Bologna, main town in region of Italy Emilia-Romagna. Tour of the centre of the city, historical city…Return to the point of departure…